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Sadhana Organisation is a Registered organisation under Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act,1350F, Vide Regd No 2953/1992.
Sadhana as a regional educational resource centre came into being mainly as a result of the initiative of Ch. Murali Mohan and few other social activists working among child labour in the areas of non-formal education. Murali's experience of designing strategies to free child labour to involve non school going children or drop outs into school made him realize the need for creative approach to address the issue. Four years of exposure (1989-1992) to child labour rehabilitation and education to children through non-formal approach compelled him to focus greater attention on the teaching-learning methodologies to both make children interested in education as well as to equipping them with knowledge and skills, within a short span of time on par with their peer group in the formal school....

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