About Us

Make Our Future bright, shape our future right, stop child labour.

Sadhana Organisation is a Registered organisation under Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act,1350F, Vide Regd No 2953/1992.

Sadhana was conceptualised in 1992 by a young group of educationists and activists to explore alternative and creative approaches to educate, make education more child-centered and provide equal opportunities of education to all children regardless of caste,creed and colour. It is currently implementing a wide range of programmes in Medak district to mobilize community around the issues of universalisation of education and children's rights.

Sadhana as a regional educational resource centre came into being mainly as a result of the initiative of Ch. Murali Mohan and few other social activists working among child labour in the areas of non-formal education. Murali's experience of designing strategies to free child labour to involve non school going children or drop outs into school made him realize the need for creative approach to address the issue. Four years of exposure (1989-1992) to child labour rehabilitation and education to children through non-formal approach compelled him to focus greater attention on the teaching-learning methodologies to both make children interested in education as well as to equipping them with knowledge and skills, within a short span of time on par with their peer group in the formal school.

It was from this realization that Ch.Murali mohan and his colleagues defined their focus of attention-providing education to drop outs. Working children and bonded children (Jeetagallu) through non formal education; Conducting camps for "jeetagallu" who would otherwise be not allowed to study owing to threats from their 'doras'(Masters). To ensure non interference of the local lords; to explore alternatives and creative approaches to providing education with individual attention; To make child education a community's action against all those forces which distance them from school; To promote non-formal education centres to develop local specific educational material and facilitate childre's literature; Enabling children to gain understanding of the society through their life worlds, and to provide training to interested groups in all these areas. This board framework enabled a group of social activists and educationists working in rural and tribal areas to launch Sadhana in November,1992 as a response to the growing training needs of educationists, educational activists and NFE cadres working among non-school children, working children and dropouts in Andhra Pradesh.

Sadhana has a five member executive body which is solely responsible for policy making and execution of programmes. The executive body along with a network of volunteers and resource persons carry out the educational and training programmes.


Promote education and critical thinking among marginalized sections of societies.

Promote community driven development especially in the promotion of child rights

Campaign against child labour

Strengthen primary education

Work towards the transformation of rural communities to prioritise the rights of women and children

Promote socio economic and cultural development of women and children